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Aalaya Vazhipaadu
Spiritual Mon-Sun, 06:00 AM - 06:30 AM

Aalaya Vazhipaadu is a spiritual show that features devotional songs and worships in divine temples on auspicious occasions. It enlightens  the viewers on the history of the sacred shrines around our city, state and across the country.

    • SUN TV 

      07:00 AM

      Deiva Dharisanam

    • SUN TV 

      05:00 AM

      Bakthi Paadalgal

    • SUN TV 

      06:00 AM

      Aalaya Vazhipaadu

    • SUN TV 

      06:30 AM

      Aanmiga Kathaigal

    • SUN TV 

      06:45 AM

      Nalla Kaalam Pirakkudhu

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