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Nathi Charami
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Nathi charami is a story of a couple separated 20 years back. It is a story of the children, who is intending and trying to reunion that couple. It is a story of the parents, who is willing to live separately for the sake of their children, even though there is a chance for them to reunion. It is a story of an woman, who is a paternal aunt, a mother and a grand- mother, leading her life in an imagination that the incidents took place are a big injustice to her life. It is a story of the premium blend of the feelings of Bondings, responsibilities, love and affection, sacrifice and forgiven, likes and dislikes, anger and enmity. Who is going to be reunited and who is going to be disunited? The answer for this question is “NATHICHARAMI” the untold story never before.

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