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Rajasekar is an esteemed man in his early sixties, who lives in a small town with his sister and only son. His family is highly respected among the residents of the town. Despite having many relatives, they like serenity and lead a secluded life in the palatial home. Ganga is a resident housemaid staying with her family inside the campus of the palace. Ganga is very passionate about the snake mound in the palace. She worships the cobra residing in it as ‘Nagamma’; unaware of the fact that the snake is actually an ‘Ichaadhari Nagam’, (Avenging cobra) which has been waiting since many years to avenge the elder’s family. The snake is under the control of a magical bond of a Malayali Nambhoodhiri. In case a drop of blood from a virgin girl’s body, who is the devotional worshiper of the snake, is secreted on the snake’s body, it would regain all its powers. Thereafter, no one could save Rajasekar’s family from the vengeance of the snake. Rajesekar’s health suddenly deteriorates. The family decides to get his son Arun, who is a widower, remarried. Relatives are summoned, who, on arrival don’t care about the family’s welfare but eye the wealth of the family. However, mysterious events take place after the relatives arrive. Two girls fixed for marrying Arun consecutively go missing. The Namboodhiri is summoned, and it is revealed that Arun’s first wife Janaki’s spirit causes all the confusion. It is also revealed that Janaki’s spirit plays all the tricks to stop the asset-hungry relatives who were trying to cheat her husband and enter the family through the marriage. The Nambhoodhiri understands from the spirit that Janaki, who was told to have died due to childbirth complications was actually killed by Arun’s maternal uncle. Meanwhile Arun learns that Devasena, his child through Janaki, is alive and brings her to the Palace. The relatives who are already panicked by Janaki’s spirit are further discouraged by Devasena’s arrival, and get away from the marriage arrangements. The Nambhoodhiri advises the family to marry Ganga, who has the divine blessings (having a trisool regai in her right palm as a birth mark), to Arun. Ganga goes to the snake mound to seek the approval from her snake goddess Nagamma, where a drop of her blood accidentally falls on to the snake’s body breaking the supernatural bond which keep the Ichadhari snake are broken, and the snake is on the onslaught to avenge Rajasekar’s family. The Ichadhari snake migrates to Ganga’s body. Janaki’s spirit moves into her child Devasena’s body to save the family from the curse of the snake. The Dangerous Snake or the Defending Spirit.. which won? Vandetta or affection.. Which triumphed? What is the reason behind the vengeance of the Ichaadhari Nagam’.

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